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Diva convention
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9th-Oct-2007 12:02 pm - GENERAL DISCUSSION POST
david cook // boots
This thread is for just about anything you want to discuss about the Diva Convention: who's going, what we plan to do when we get there, how much *faceplanting* is required on a daily basis... :P If you have any suggestions or comments about the convention in general please post them here: some activities we can all do together, places and attractions you want to see once we all get to Nashville, keepsakes and other projects we can make for the Convention...whatever con-related comes to mind!
9th-Oct-2007 12:02 pm - TRANSPORTATION POST
david cook // boots
This thread is for communication among the Divas on actually getting to Nashville for the convention in May, be it by plane, train, or car. :) Please use this thread if you'd like to propose and set up road trips with other Divas or other transportation issues and information.
9th-Oct-2007 11:54 am - FUNDRAISING POST
david cook // boots
This thread is for all the comments and conversation on fundraising for the Diva Convention! If you have any comments or suggestions on helping to raise money for Divas to get to Nashville in May, please post them here.
9th-Oct-2007 11:31 am - Hotel Information
david cook // boots
This was originally posted in my personal journal but since it sparked the creation of this comm in the first place I thought it should be placed here. :)

City Centre and expensive or Airport area and cheap?Collapse )

Comment with any ideas or suggestions on which hotel to look into, or any other concerns you have about the accommodations for that weekend!
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